the art of Jennifer Lindquist

​“Snip, Clip, Cut”,

            25’ x 8’ mural by Ysabel Flores, 2018
                           ARTIST STATEMENT

In my paintings, I usually stick to more of a realistic style, but this project challenged me to come up with a more funky design to fit the overall theme of the building.

It was a fun break to change​up my composition to something that combined​my style with my love of color and line art. In order to make the mural more representative of the business inside the building, I chose to paint a selection of vintage barber shop tools over a colorfully striped background to subtly hint at the lines in a barbershop pole. I'd like to call it: "Snip, Clip, Cut".

I also want to thank the following people for all the help and input they gave me in achieving my goals: Jennifer Lindquist, my mom Gigi Flores, and my friend Marjorie Murphy.