This project was inspired by the desire to enhance the busy entry corridor of US Route 17/92/French Avenue as it approaches Sanford's historic downtown. 

With a high ratio of strip mall buildings and a cacophony of commercial signage, this corridor is begging for artistic intervention. 

Not architecturally designed for aesthetic appeal or longevity, these strip mall structures were created to specifically serve car-convenience, while enabling lower rents for small businesses.

Even though the strip mall is disparaged in most architectural/design circles, local Sanford artist Jennifer Lindquist found inspiration. Where most might think that the best course would be to tear them down and build new with sustainable design, Lindquist saw an opportunity to preserve and transform.  

Low-rent spaces for entrepreneurial start-ups and local mom-n-pop shops are worthy causes to champion, and since these properties aren’t going anywhere, what can be done to improve the experience of these main arterial entry corridors? This is the problem Lindquist set out to solve starting with one special, micro-stripmall building built in 1957.

Jennifer Lindquist and her team of artists will create and use public art murals and design solutions on this one mini-strip mall property to enhance it visually and the surrounding area with hopes that it inspires future Public Art projects down this corridor.

A $1000 grant from the Awesome Foundation of Orlando has already been awarded to this project. This seed-money was instrumental in launching this project. 

The Awesome Foundation grant and donations from the
Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign covers the costs of supplies, materials, prep-work, scaffolding and a $200 stipend for each of the featured artists. 

Shayne Prevatt, Artist
A $1000 grant from the  Awesome Foundation of Orlando gave birth to this project. This venture would have never started without this 'seed money'.

Thank you to the donors of 'The Stack On French' Kickstarter campaign for fueling the balance of the project budget. 

Jennifer Lindquist, Artist, Designer, Planner
Jasmine Ramos, Artist

Meet the Artists

Ysabel Flores, Artist

Meet the Artists

The Awesome Foundation of Orlando - grant awarded to "The Stack on French" Public Art as Service project by Jennifer Lindquist

the art of Jennifer Lindquist