the art of Jennifer Lindquist

“Speaking in Bubbles”

25’ x 8’ mural by Jasmine Ramos, 2018

The creation of this mural was made possible by Jennifer Lindquist’s trust and belief in my talents. Prior to this mural I eager to make some sort of public art, but also feared my limitations as an artist at the thought of working on such a large scale. When Jennifer presented me with the opportunity to make a piece of public art I knew that in spite of my fears I had to take the opportunity. Knowing I would be doing this with friends that would help along the way made my decision for me. The mural which I have titled “Speaking in Bubbles”, was inspired by contemporary forms of communication such as texting, online messaging, and emailing. Prior to planning the work I had been toying with the idea of faux neon created with paints. The idea of creating somewhat of an illusion intrigued me and I felt as though it fit with the theme of word bubbles used in electronic media.  I hope that those that observe the mural will find their own meaning in it or mentally fill the bubbles with their own thoughts or even on their phones with the use of photo editors that can be used to write inside the bubbles. In a sense, it was created not only for me to express myself, but for others to do so as well.

Thank you Jennifer for the opportunity and thank you Mom for the spray paints.